BREAKING: Attack At Miami Airport As Thousands Of Floridians Try To Fly Out – Here’s What We Know

September 9, 2017

With all the turmoil that is currently engulfing Floridians who are trying to escape the impending destruction of Hurricane Irma, we have now confirmed after getting multiple reports, that terminal J at Miami International Airport was in fact evacuated Thursday night following an officer-involved shooting. Although original reports had stated that a man with a gun was apprehended at the airport terminal, authorities have now confirmed that a gun incident was never…


Muslims Fleeing Town In Droves After What Fed-Up Mayor Just Made It Legal For People Do To Them

September 8, 2017

Thanks to the reckless antics of globalist leaders across the world, terror groups like ISIS are quickly gaining momentum towards their goal of establishing a global Islamic Caliphate. We’ve seen the horrifying results of these barbarians infiltrating countries across Europe posed as refugees, as terror attacks are now becoming a daily occurrence in places like the U.K. and Germany, as they’re now setting their sights on other westernized countries. But the badass…