BREAKING: Black Lives Matter Leader Kept ‘Virtually All’ Donations

You are surely familiar with the international activist movement which originated in the African-American community, under the name of Black Lives Matter. The organization advocates against violence and racism towards black people in society.

Not that long ago, the liberal media pushed an “inspiring” story of a homeless black woman who became one of the leading figures in the movement, and was an important member of Black Lives Matter, organizing over 900 events and gather millions of dollars in donations, which were allegedly for a good cause. These donations were supposed to help “raise black men and women” up in society.

However, newest revelations suggest that Marquesha Johnson was not the humanitarian everybody thought she was. In fact, the donations she collected helped only herself to “rise” in society.

A class action lawsuit, stated that Johnson had “solicited donations from vulnerable people to help others but instead used it to help herself.”

According to the document, the Black Lives Matter leading figure, purchased a $1.2 million home for herself. But this is not all, instead of using the donations to help people she also bought herself a brand new Range rover as well as some “other exorbitancies”.

Nevertheless, sadly, she will get away with it because it’s most likely that the way she did it was perfectly legal. Namely, she used the GoFundMe campaign to ask for the funds and reportedly, the company is particularly bad at working with police to crack down on scammers.

Allegedly, Marquesha Johnson was interrogated by the police, but she denied all accusations about misusing the funds, and she refused to submit any records.

She used the company platform in order to fill her pockets with money that weren’t hers to take. This is more than just bad publicity for Black Lives Matter, to have someone like this in their leading circles while  blacks across America continue to suffer poverty, and gang culture

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