Hillary — Accused Of Shielding Sexual Harassers — Continues To Blame ‘Sexism’ For 2016 Loss (VIDEO)

During a human rights event at Georgetown University, Hillary Clinton brought up her loss to President Donald Trump and blamed it on sexism and misogyny.


Clinton, who is the honorary founding chair of the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace, and Security, awarded several women with Human Rights Awards on Monday. During the event, a moderator asked Clinton how to deal with the “backlash” against the women’s rights movement.

Clinton suggested that people lash out against feminism because they are “insecure” or “frightened.”

“I see it as a reaction that is driven by lots of different motives, some of them having to do with people feeling insecure, frightened, disillusioned, discouraged, or whatever emotion you want,” she said. “When people are insecure and anxious they often defend against their own feelings by rejecting others.”- READ MORE

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