WATCH – ’60 Minutes’ Wanted to Prove Muslim Refugees ‘Peaceful’ – Blows Up in Their Face

The liberals care more about the illegals than the American people.

They want us to believe that the Muslims refugees pose no threat to our country.

But that’s just a blatant lie.

A “60 Minutes” crew went to Sweden to do a feel-good piece about the wonderful impact Muslim refugees from Syria have had on our nation. Instead of that, the camera lenses caught a violent attack on the reporter and a news crew. The journalists were forced to duck for cover after the Muslim refugees brutally attacked them and threw objects at them.

Unfortunately the video uploaded to YouTube was removed from YouTube administrators. But we were able to find another version recorded from another side:

According to our source, Angry Patriot Movement, the liberals want to continue Barack Obama’s plan to allow tens and thousands more Muslim refugees onto American soil. Even though Obama’s own intelligence experts warned Congress about the massive problems in the vetting system, the politically correct politicians and their millennials snowflake offspring still favor throwing caution  to the wind.

The 60 Minute crew found out the hard way, and very publicly, just how quickly the supposedly peaceful refugees can resort to violence without any type of provocation whatsoever. When the reporter tried to ask the Muslim men a couple simple questions, the driver ran over the cameraman’s feet.

ISIS has vowed to infiltrate the swelling ranks of refugees being “resettled” in Europe and the United States. They have reportedly stolen passport printing machines and have been working their plan to sneak into America for many months.

Many mainstream media reporters did not rally around this attack by the Muslim refugees like they did when the Russian peers oppressed and attacked by their own government. How many ISIS Jihadist are there? We won’t know until they are beheading Americans at the local mall, storming the front entrances of elementary schools, or placing pressure cooker bombs under church pews.

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Featured Image Source. H/T: Angry Patriot Movement.

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