BREAKING NEWS From North Korea; “200 Dead”

North Korea received many warnings regarding the nuclear program they conduct beneath Mount Mantap.

Nonetheless, they continued with their work, despite the threat of the mountain collapsing on itself.

Unfortunately, one group of tunnels collapsed and around 200 workers died.

According to The Federalist Papers, the time of the collapse is still unknown, but it is assumed that occurred after their sixth nuclear test. The tunnels that collapsed was under the work of 100 Koreans. Trying to help them, a hundred more died after another collapse occurred.

The Telegraph reported: “An exact date for the disaster has not been provided, but it comes shortly after North Korea conducted its sixth – and most powerful – underground nuclear test at the site.

North Korea claims the September 3 test beneath Mount Mantap was of a hydrogen bomb, with monitors suggesting the detonation was equivalent to an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1 on the Richter scale.


Some analysts put the yield of the weapon as high as 280 kilotons, while seismologists picked up signs of underground collapses in the hours and days after the blast.”

There was a satellite footage of the area after the collapses occurred. This was expected because it doesn’t take too much time for this kind of incident to happen, knowing the that the country is constantly under nuclear testing.

Back in 2016, it was reported: “Since 2006, North Korea has conducted tested six nuclear weapons tests under Mount Mantap since 2006 at the Punggye-Ri Nuclear Test Facility. Analysts who monitor the 7,200-foot-high peak say the mountain is taking a toll from the tests, now suffering “tired mountain syndrome.”

According to the New York Post, a September blast caused a 6.3 magnitude tremor felt in China. Satellite images show that the mountain visibly shifted from the blast, which caused massive landslides and lofted stone and gravel field around the area.

The area is now abundant in seismic activity, suffering three more quakes in the short time since North Korea’s self-proclaimed H-bomb test. International officials say the North’s claims might not have been exaggerated, as earthquakes generated from the blast indicate a massive thermonuclear explosion.”

If somehow the whole mountain collapse on itself, the outcome will be devastating. China is afraid of the radioactive fallout and the Chinese leadership is tired to watch the nonstopping nuclear testing.

“Chinese President Xi Jinping has become increasingly frustrated with the behavior of the isolated regime, which insists on having a nuclear deterrent against the United States.

One more missile test, Chong said, and it would “push the country off a cliff.”

President Jinping was said to be “boiling with fury” after North Korea recently tested a missile just as China was gearing up to host a pivotal global economic conference.

The former US ambassador to China Max Baucus recently claimed the only time he saw the Chinese leader, use “undiplomatic language” was in relation to Kim Jong-Un.”

If North Korea continues with the nuclear test, even after this incident, the consequences will be devastating.

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